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Contigo Water Bottle

The first thing I always make sure I have packed in my backpack is my water bottle. Disney World is a special place where your everyday items at home don’t always serve the best functions at Disney. Everyone has a personal preference on water bottles, but I believe I found the best one that covers all the needs for a Disney park day. The Contigo Autoseal water bottle is the perfect size to fit into most backpack side pockets, it autoseals for no spills, it has a cover that goes over the drink opening to keeps germs out, and it is easily cleaned in a hotel sink. We never head out on a trip without them! 

Compact Umbrella

I keep an umbrella in my second side pocket of my backpack. I go with compact umbrellas, because I don’t care to carry a huge umbrella. These are a life saver when those mid-summer down pours start.

Travel Rain Jacket

To accompany the umbrella, I normally always have a packable rain jacket in there as well. These types of rain jackets are not recommended for the summer months, and hurricane season. If it’s a real rain storm, the water will break through in a few minutes. These sorts of rain jackets are good for helping keep your cloths dry with the assistance of the umbrella. 

Wet Ones Hand Wipes

Sometimes cast members are busy and cannot get over to a table in between guests, and at lunch it is a challenge to get a table at some locations. So come armed with your own wet wipes to clean down a table.

Hand Sanitizer 

It is much more convenient than having to get it out of you bag every time you feel you need to clean your hands, which is a lot of times.

Kate Spade x Disney

I always use a small card holder type wallet when I am at Disney. No need to carry a massive and heavy wallet if all you’ll need is a few cards. I use the Disney x Kate Spade card holders. You can normally find them in the parks or online.

Sun Glasses

You most definitely cannot go to Disney without sunglasses. Odds are the sun will be out most of your trip. I recommend getting polarized glasses, they are a game changer. If you do forget your glasses there are two Sunglass Huts on property. One in Magic Kingdom, and one in Disney Springs. Both locations will have any Disney sunglass collaborations out at the time. 10/10 recommend Ray-Ban x Disney!

External Battery Pack

These are really important if your phone isn’t use to being used a lot. You will be taking pictures, using the Disney Genie app, and that will drain your battery quickly, especially if it’s in the summer!